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Subject: [Leica] Re: Why fashion photography sucks
From: Ken Wilcox <>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 15:10:09 -0500
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Helmut Newton is actually one of my favorite photographers!

Ken Wilcox

>Martin Howard wrote:
>I think most (all?) fashion photography is truly negative.  It 
>treats human beings like objects -- Helmut Newton being at the 
>forefront of this.  In his pictures, you might as well be looking at 
>sports cars, or watches, or architecture.  The women (and men) are 
>nothing more than a different set of curved surfaces to be lit in an 
>intriguing manner and shot from a novel (navel?) angle. 
>Personality, persona, lifestyle, humanism, dignity, is all but 
>completely banished from almost all fashion photography that I've 
>come across. Indeed, the cross-processing, extreme lighting, 
>retouching, jaded graphicness of a lot of fashion photography does 
>all it can to suck out the last vestiges of human-ness from the 
>images, leaving a clinically clean, artificial surface, stripped 
>down to it's bare visual form that bears a resemblance to a real 
>person, but dispenses with all the messy substance of what actually 
>makes people interesting in the first place.

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Ken Wilcox
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