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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAW (12/23/02)
From: Carl Pultz <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 21:39:03 -0500


Bill wrote:

"Keep trying! :-) "

Okay. Better stuff next time.

Ernie wrote:

"Eggleston like."


"The others just remind me of my backyard and it is so depressing that I 
have to look away."

Understood. You know, rather than easy-to-like stuff, I like to put up 
pictures that I'm not sure how to regard with hopes a few of you will chime 
in. Like in Stan Freeburg's musical, 'United States of America,' George 
Washington says to Betsy Ross after criticizing the new flag, "Well, we'll 
run it up the flagpole ... see if anybody salutes." Sometimes I'm surprised 
that ones only a father could like aren't too ugly to others, either. Not 
surprised if told to go soak my head.

"MUST use a tripod so that things are tac sharp."

HCB: "Sharpness is a bourgeois concept."

I agree with the others - if detail is important, use a bigger negative. 
But, I don't think you can't do good landscapes on 35. Look at Graham's. 
You just can't make 'em really big or count the pine needles. So what? 
Little prints are great. You can hold them in your hand; put them under 
your pillow.

Yeah, using a tripod is a totally different approach and intent. And 
result. Glad it works for him. The flip side of working too fast to fully 
understand the subject is producing photos that are too studied, static or 
all about lines and formalities.

I own a tripod. It spent two years in my trunk getting scratched up by 
empty beer bottles rather than supporting my Rollei. Used it last month for 
an outdoor portrait session with the M2. After the first set up, I left it 
behind. I'd like to get a monopod. That seems like a useful thing for a 
small camera. Tripods remind me of long, tedious days shooting paintings 
under spotlights with an RB67. Yuck!


P.S. Happy New Year, everyone!

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