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Subject: Re: [Leica] Agfa Ultra 100 - images
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 21:16:51 -0800

Yes, totally straight. They were both taken with a Leica Mini 3 camera, 
and it has a bit of fall-off at the edges that I believe is partially 
responsible for the sky being so deep. But the scan I posted is right 
from a mini-lab print.  In the 20 X 30 print I have of the Oak tree the 
blue sky is much stronger. That image is really all about color, and 
the strength of the colors is what makes the large size work. The 
simplicity of the composition is key to allowing the colors to dominate 
too, I think.

I have taken hundreds of photos of that tree, but that one remains my 
favorite some 5 years later. Unfortunately, the tree is in decline now 
due to drought and subsequent infestation. With the rain we have been 
getting, and the promised el Nino, it might be saved and once again 
show its vibrant green hues.

Thanks for looking,
- - marc

On Saturday, December 21, 2002, at 08:58  PM, Robert Meier wrote:

> Marc,
> These almost look like split-filter shots, especially the vertical
> landscape.  Or like you darkened the top and bottom in Photoshop.  Are 
> these
> completely straight shots?
> Bob Meier
>> YES, the blues are incredible! Hard to scan though - I find the actual
>> prints far exceed anything I can get on my computer, from print or
>> negative.
>> My favorite shot from Ultra 50 is a simple Oak Tree shot, the sky is 
>> so
>> deep of blue at the corners that it is really other-worldly (a small
>> scan is available here:
>> but the 20 X 30 in
>> my living room is WAY better!). I find the deep reddish browns are
>> incredible too, and since this are where I live is dominated by blue
>> skies and deep red-brown earth, it is the perfect landscape film for 
>> me
>> (example: - 
>> this
>> one has been blown up to 24 X 36 inches, and it is quite a nice
>> environmental piece I think).
>> The only color that I had trouble with was strong red, especially
>> roses. Ultra 60 would block up in string reds, no detail at all. Pink
>> flowers were OK, but string red turned out like blobs.
>> Most of my Ultra 50 shooting was in 35mm. I did shoot s few rolls in 
>> my
>> Yashica TLR and they were nice, but the subject matter was nothing to
>> get excited about. The 50-speed film was good for MF as it was a bit
>> grainy, but it enlarged will anyway, at least for me.
>> Best Regards,
>> - marc
>> ps. I was shooting HP5 today - it was beautifully cloudy and rainy,
>> something we don't get much here in Southern California. Syracuse is
>> something different! I grew up in Rochester, so I am familiar to some
>> extent with the weather over there. Brrr...
>> On Saturday, December 21, 2002, at 07:02  PM, Ernest Nitka wrote:
>>> Marc - what is your opinion about Ultra 50  Blues?  I ask because the
>>> pics I had done on Ultra 50 -120 had the most amazing blues - 
>>> wondered
>>> what  your experience was?  It is so dark here in Syracuse today that
>>> the M7 was loaded first with Delta 3200 then Fujipan 1600 - will see
>>> if anything comes out.  Shortest daylight day of the year!
>>> ernie
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