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Subject: [Leica] Price increase. WENT: Religion.. NOW: Merry Christmas: now ditto
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 08:56:01 +1100
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>Well we all know the price topic only succeeded in uncontrolled
>disagreement, as simple topics usually do.
>Then religion / culture came to play off that topic  ..... How from the
>price of a camera to a subject that illustrates instant argumentative
>feelings... politics and religion. Neither should be discussed on a screen,
>let alone in mixed company, nor at the best of times not face to face at
>arms length with a calming drink of choice in hand!
>So I thought I'd try to steer it to the season of Christmas. A time of the
>year when life should be of excitement, happiness and joy for everyone of
>those to whom this event is part of their way of life. And to those of
>different culture / religion, a time of peace, happiness and good feelings
>toward each other.
>In my home we try to celebrate Christmas as a family, exchange gifts as
>simple as possible or something to generate a big smile on the face of a
>grandson or granddaughter or each other in the adults. Usually it's the look
>on the faces of the g'children that's the biggest gift of all for Irene and
>myself. It's a wonderful time for our family safe in the warmth of our home.
>However, this year over and above the joys of our season, we are offering
>extra prayers in the hope for peace to all people of the world during these
>confusing and un-settled times. And as simple as that may sound, I believe
>the grandparents of the world regardless of faith, place and needs want one
>simple thing, peace for all and smiles on the faces of children.
>And I hope that everyone on this list feel the same regardless of place of
>birth, well being and faith. And that everyone, even for a short period of
>time, can rise above the turmoil's of the time to give thanks for what we
>individually have. Even the list itself is worth giving thanks for allowing
>us to communicate with each other of many different cultures, religions and
>way of living.
>  So, too all and everyone, a very Merry Christmas and a successful, healthy
>New Year 2003. Peace to all wherever you are.

and so say all of us: have a wonderful time over Christmas, keep your 
tinnies cool, drive carefully, don't make a fool of yourself in bay 
13 at the Boxing day Cricket and enjoy a safe passage into the New 

Cheers and here's luck
- -- 
Alastair Firkin

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