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Subject: Re: [Leica] Agfa Ultra 100 - images
From: "Robert Meier" <>
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:58:18 -0600
References: <>


These almost look like split-filter shots, especially the vertical
landscape.  Or like you darkened the top and bottom in Photoshop.  Are these
completely straight shots?

Bob Meier

> YES, the blues are incredible! Hard to scan though - I find the actual
> prints far exceed anything I can get on my computer, from print or
> negative.
> My favorite shot from Ultra 50 is a simple Oak Tree shot, the sky is so
> deep of blue at the corners that it is really other-worldly (a small
> scan is available here:
> but the 20 X 30 in
> my living room is WAY better!). I find the deep reddish browns are
> incredible too, and since this are where I live is dominated by blue
> skies and deep red-brown earth, it is the perfect landscape film for me
> (example: - this
> one has been blown up to 24 X 36 inches, and it is quite a nice
> environmental piece I think).
> The only color that I had trouble with was strong red, especially
> roses. Ultra 60 would block up in string reds, no detail at all. Pink
> flowers were OK, but string red turned out like blobs.
> Most of my Ultra 50 shooting was in 35mm. I did shoot s few rolls in my
> Yashica TLR and they were nice, but the subject matter was nothing to
> get excited about. The 50-speed film was good for MF as it was a bit
> grainy, but it enlarged will anyway, at least for me.
> Best Regards,
> - marc
> ps. I was shooting HP5 today - it was beautifully cloudy and rainy,
> something we don't get much here in Southern California. Syracuse is
> something different! I grew up in Rochester, so I am familiar to some
> extent with the weather over there. Brrr...
> On Saturday, December 21, 2002, at 07:02  PM, Ernest Nitka wrote:
> > Marc - what is your opinion about Ultra 50  Blues?  I ask because the
> > pics I had done on Ultra 50 -120 had the most amazing blues - wondered
> > what  your experience was?  It is so dark here in Syracuse today that
> > the M7 was loaded first with Delta 3200 then Fujipan 1600 - will see
> > if anything comes out.  Shortest daylight day of the year!
> >
> > ernie
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