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Subject: [Leica] RE: Leica vs Nikon f/2.8 zooms??
From: "Felix Lopez de Maturana" <>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 12:10:40 +0100

>I have both the Leica 35 -70 F/2.8 and the Nikon 28-70 F/2.8 AF-S. The
>does not come close wide open - no way! I'd say at about f/5.6 they are too
>close to call. I've also had to have the focus motor replaced in the Nikon
>times, which around here (Boston) seems to be a common occurrence. But the
>35 - 70 F/4 holds it's own too - I can't see a difference between a Nikon
>28-70 F/2.8(or 35-70 2.8) and the Kyocera made Leica lens. As for the F/
>90's - R or M Apo Aspherical - Side by side compared to my 80 - 200 AFS
>Nikon set to 90, the Leica shots wide open at 2.0 vs Nikon at 2.8 easily
>stand out on a light box (using Provia 100 or Velvia, or K64) But to each
>his own I suppose! But I leave the D1X out of the race - it's too

I have both 28-70 zooms, and in a next future the biggest one , as the 35-70
2.8 can be found now for less than US$ 4k,  and you probably are quite
right. Tha main problem in my opinion is if, for common people, either pros
or amateurs, the slight quality difference on the Leica side, just full
open, worths the big difference in price! Are we Leica users irrational men!
Best quality at any price?

Kind regards


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