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Subject: [Leica] RE: Reflex vs. RF
From: "Felix Lopez de Maturana" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 15:20:22 +0100

>Because I don't want extra features that I don't use and that activate
>themselves when I least want them.  All I want in an SLR is the Leicaflex
>updated with modern meter/battery/lens mount components.

Quite right Doug! That's the only things you need for shooting these
wonderfull birds pictures you get. But there are many, many  others !
Besides Leica I shoot others cameras. You surely know that a quite
sophisticated Nikon F5 can be used in manual focus, even with old Nikkors,
in manual metering and without any electronic feature engaged. But can be
used, too, as quick as any p&s camera with AF, AE and tracking focusing
ability and with outstanding output. I know, with mine, how using every of
his features and even I know how modify these characteristic for a
determinated use. I know, it is not that easy but I love reading instruction
booklets as beeng for many years a purchasing manager with economics and
laws background thrown  in a big group of engineers people. I thought I need
just study, not to have fear and I've started to ask about any technical
detail, beeing a enormeous electric motor or a lamination machine. If I
couldn't understand, the guy in front of me had no idea what he was speakin
about so I had to change of speaker up to the moment I understood.Finally I
got the idea to take a echonomical decision.

So, I prefer a complicated gear that can be used in the simpler of the ways
or use his features. But I'm not a pro! Then probably my opinion would be

Kind regards


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