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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT - Traveling to Canada from US...
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 06:41:16 +0200
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Dave Richards wrote:
 > Austin,
 > I think that's it.  Anyone with a pulse, including some without a
 > pulse judging by the way they drive, can get a US driver's license.
 > I'm sure there are also a significant number of illegal aliens with
 > them, since it's more dangerous for them to be driving without a
 > license than it is to be an illegal.

Correct. Getting a drivers license involves no citizenship questions. If 
you have a foreign license when you come to the U.S., you simply go to 
the state DMV and get it changed to a license for the state you live in, 
same as when you move from one state to another. In some cases they may 
make you take the written test (usually multiple choice) but that's it.

 > Also, I believe it is a legal
 > requirement to be able to provide a Social Security Number in order
 > to open a bank account, so non-citizens would need to have them, too.

Yes. First of all, there are millions of legal Green Card holders, who 
are not citizens but otherwise have the same rights and obligations as 
U.S. citizens except for voting, holding office, jury duty and a few 
other items, and therefore have a S.S. number. In fact, I got my S.S. 
number when I came to Buffalo in 1979 to study at SUNY for 1 year. I had 
no idea why I was issued with it, but that has been my S.S. number ever 
 > My limited understanding of US law indicates that there are only a
 > certain few documents that are accepted as proof of citizenship,
 > birth certificate, passport (which requires a birth certificate) and
 > naturalization certificate being about the only ones.

...assuming of course that you were born in the U.S. In a case like 
mine, passport or naturalization certificate would work, as would a 
voter registration card since that too requires you to be a citizen.


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