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Subject: [Leica] Re: NYLUG my story no pics yet!
From: "Paul Winkfield" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 09:38:16 -0400
References: <>

One word...WOW!

Props to John Lee and his posse for a really great show!

Apologies to Kyle if my Playboy inspired custom Leica t-shirt sent him over
the brink, Linda, please forgive him and me!
(see Jim Shulman's pics I have bag over picture right shoulder).

Props to ICP security! they check their log for our name, our LUG button and
wanted picture ID, then gave us an ICP button! I was expecting them to check
if our Leicas was real!

I FINALLY got to show people my shots from the 1999, MidAtlantic LUG meeting
held in Washington DC!!

Those Leica guys get a pat on the back for dealing with the biggest bunch of
brats (including me) so many of us just whine and whine about how Leica
makes lens too heavy,(how is a 50 Nocti too heavy? try lugging a 300 2.8 all
day at U.S. Open)  take too long to bring product to market, etc!

The PLUG gang (Alfie,Powell,Glen, me) left ICP headed to Chinatown and
little Italy area, great picture area and somehow loss Glen, yo dude! you
okay?! talk to us!!! ^_^

Note to Gerhard, the PLUG meets each first Friday, as you may know, for NYC,
if you announce meet at some cafe in the village on a Saturday around noon I
know I would show up with slides, a viewer and prints; food, drink, and
Leica goes well together!

Oh and last wish, after seeing Jim's slides of rare M's, if Leica is
listening to list, how about a drink container in the shape of a M body,
it'll hold enough for a double martini or scotch!!

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