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Subject: Re: [Leica] Correct Infra Red Film Exposure Setting
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 12:25:42 -0700
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At 9:20 PM -0600 6/21/02, Greg J. Lorenzo wrote:
>I've never photographed with IR film but I bought some Konica IR750 
>to try out.
>Konica rates film speed at 32 ISO for this film without use of a 
>filter. But what is the correct ISO setting when using a Wratten #25 
>Red Filter with a M6TTL camera?
>I assume that the meter sees more light than it thinks it sees and 
>that I should rate the exposure at about 400 ISO?
>TIA for any recommendations.

Metering doesn't work too well with IR. The Konica film has a speed 
of about 8 or so with a #25 Red filter. This means that for distant 
scenes in the sun 1/60 second at f/5.6 works reasonably well. At 
shorter distances (5' - 20'), open up a stop or two. In the shad 
there is often very little IR, so open up _a lot_. Konica IR is very 
contrasty, so gentle development is called for. The main things is 
bracket, and experiment. Forget metering. If you have a digital 
camera, especially an older Nikon 950, put an IR filter over that and 
see what you get. It does very well shooting in IR, and can give you 
an idea what things will look like. It can also act as an exposure 
guide once you've calibrated it to the film and your development.

I've found the Maco 820 films to give a good compromise between the 
harshness and limited IR of the Konica 750 and the otherwordly and 
grainy images of the Kodak HIE. See if your dealer can get you some 
of that.

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