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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Developing Tech Pan film with all of the shadow detail lost.
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:51:06 -0700
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I would also try enlarging onto Kodalith Type 3 film. Tech Pan is not 
the way to go. This is available in various sheet sizes, and maybe 
(still) 35mm. I used to spool some up, and shoot it in my M4's and 
5's in the 70's. Developed by inspection under a red safelight (it's 
orthochromatic) you could easily see what you were getting, and this 
was important because latitude is non-existent with such a high 
contrast film. Maybe 1/10 stop plus or minus. You essentially 
adjusted for exposure by length of development. This works very well 
for pictorial purposes, and you can get the exact effect you want by 
yanking it out of the developer and washing it fast and fixing it. 
For its intended use (graphic arts reproduction) optimum quality is 
achieved with optimum exposure, but for this use it didn't matter 
very much. Speed is/was around 0.3 ISO, so a tripod is quite handy. 
The film was cheap, so I had a 100' roll lying around for the odd 
stuff and just spooled off a chunk when needed. I probably still have 
some in my darkroom from the 70's, and I bet it still works just as 
well. Aging isn't a problem with this stuff. The Kodalith 2 part 
developer is also very cheap and quite easy to mix up, and essential 
to dropping out the shadows completely.

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