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Subject: [Leica] Leicas appeal to everyone!!
From: Edward Caliguri <>
Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 13:42:42 -0400

- -- Hi John, all-
    Leicas appeal to lots of folks regardless of income ... Yes - I'm a
veterinarian/researcher --- but hardly rich (or famous!) Four years of
schooling cost over $100K, and most vets (myself included) make very little
compared to our MD counterparts. The only folks who graduated with me that
are 'doing quite well' are the ones who inherited a practice from dad or
mom, aunt or uncle or the like.. Others who started their own are in even
more debt. But you hit it with the Rebel statement!! I love to meet these
folks in their leather chaired offices and have them show me an 'African
Safari' photo that has been gorgeously framed - usually an 11x14 from an iso
200 color neg  - of the back-side of an elephant reproduced about as big as
a quarter - taken with that Rebel. Then -- what can one say? If I ever told
him/her that I spent, say,  $800 dollars for ANY lens, they'd say that I was
the nutty one! It takes all kinds I suppose ;-)


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>>> Pursuant to Dante's Hexar review, and in no way a negative reflection
> on
>>> it:
>>> I would like to find out if any of us are NOT lawyers, doctors or
>>> dentists. Not that it is wrong to be one of the above but I am tired of
>>> hearing the same old toys of the rich refrain. None of my personal
>>> acquaintances with Leicas are lawyers, doctors or dentists. As a matter
>>> of fact, I know quite a few lawyers, doctors and dentists, and the most
>>> of them own Canon Rebels.
>>> I am a full time house husband right now and previously was, and will
> be
>>> again, an automotive mechanic.
>>> And you?
>>> John Collier

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