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Subject: [Leica] Re: our dog etc. Defininitely OT (long)
From: "Clive Sanbrook" <>
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 11:37:08 +0100
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The subject line says long - no doubt some will say too long but I had to
unlurk to say sorry to hear about all these doggy injuries and sad losses -
dogs are good loyal companions - and I have our cats permission to say so -
they've been a bit uppity since all the cat haiku they've been told about

Nathan - hope to hear better news of both you and your dog, hope everything
goes well.

For those who've sadly lost a dog and might be looking for another (even if
you think you're not and it would be disloyal to your old pal to let another
dog in nto your home) may I suggest that you could do a sad dog a lot of
good by visiting your local dogs home or pet rescue centre ( whatever you
call them in your part of the world) and seeing if there is one there in
need of a good home and lots of TLC.

We did that after our much loved Cairn terrier of 14 years died from a
kidney infection - we didn't want a replacement but felt we had to do
something useful.  Be prepared for many a tug at the the heartstrings as
your'e looking round!!

Most dogs have some sad tale behind them (yes I know - ho ho) - like the one
who had spent most of his 4 years in various kennels and been rehomed once
only to be brought back again. - or the one who had found half a ball and
stood with it in his mouth looking hopefully out of his cage for  someone to
play with him

Our 'find' is called Poppy and is about ten, her first people used to put
her out to roam the streets all day, then when she was about five they
decided to split up and she was taken to the pub and offered to anybody who
would take her on ;-((

Fortunately she went to a good home but her 'dad' died (which we are told is
when she suddenly went grey around the face) and later her 'mom' developed
asthma and has to go in and out of hospital at fairly frequent intervals.

I think maybe she reads Haiku as well as she's bitten the postman (once -
that was a surprise to him !! -  and us!!) and barks at the dustmen - but we
live with her little foibles and love her dearly - we havn't (and never
will) stop loving the old dog - but we also love this one dearly for her
appreciation and affection - even if it's sometimes tinged with a little
sadness when we wonder if she's trying that little bit harder so that she
doesn't get abandoned again. ;-((


Sandy Sanbrook

p.s They've both had their photos taken with a leica ;-))

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