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Subject: [Leica] Has Leica ever offered a student discount program?
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 21:04:12 EDT

In practical terms, if Leica offfered the "starving

> student" a deal, the

> cameras would surely be bought.  Lenses too.  But,

> it is my belief that they

> would  quickly turn up on that auction site at

> new-ish prices.  The effect

> is that the average student makes a buck, the new

> buyer gets no warranty,

> Leica does not hook a new user, and Leica loses the

> additional bucks it

> would have made by selling to the actual new

> buyer..... oh, and the local

> dealer gets screwed...

Very good point.

As long as the used Leica demand premium $$$$, the

student will unload it in a jiffy, knowing how

resourceful they are in college.>>

Well, Leica has and still DOES offer a student program.

The dealer doesn't get screwed as it is all handled through the dealers. 

It is about the same price as Leica Day their not GIVING away the 
store...however it is available all year round and on a few items the prices 
are quite good. 

The student of course has to provide full documentation, just as with 
Hasselblad, Mamiya, HP Marketing brands and other student programs.

As far as seems like a lot of work for a very little pay off?

OK, I'm talking about for students...but yes, for dealers too. < ha ha> 

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