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Subject: Re: [Leica] leica 35-70 /2.8
From: Joseph Yao <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 2002 23:32:41 +0800

on 6/4/02 11:19 pm, Pascal at wrote:

> Hello Joseph,
> I really doubt that Leica is finally making a profit with this lens. The
> "new higher price" that you mention is a price being asked, not by Leica,
> but by intermediates, that is to say some dealers and the like who see it as
> a unique opportunity to sell this very scarce item and cash in huge on it...
> At least, it's the impression I get wherever I saw the lens being sold on
> the internet over the past couple of months.
> I think one has to face the simple fact that the Vario-Elmarit-R 35-70/2.8
> ASPH has become a collector's item with prices dictated by other forces than
> Leica's own selling price. Quite rare for a Leica R item !
> I must admit I am one of those (few?) "sillies" who actually *use* the lens
> instead of putting in the closet... The lens has become my main workhorse
> lens, about 75% of my work is now shot with it.
> Pascal

Hi Pascal,

Not quite true.  Another 100 lenses were made and sold by the factory
recently at a much higher price that before.  I am sure one or  two dealers
on this list can confirm this.  Since I negotiate directly for my prices, I
know exactly how much the factory is charging.

Like you, I use mine regularly.  I have a couple in regular use and I am
also keep a few spare ones just in case my regular users get damaged.



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