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Subject: Re: Leicasophisms Re: [Leica] Did Leica miss the boat on the M7 viewfinder?
From: John Brownlow <>
Date: Sat, 6 Apr 2002 00:23:13 -0500
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On 4/5/02 wrote:

>It's [ie photography is] ALL about control.

yes and no

it's about seeing really, for me

control is one aspect of that

but control can also destroy certain kinds of seeing

I have tried and failed to take certain kinds of pictures with the 4x5
because once the image was there on the GG i tried to 'improve' it with
disastrous results.

folks here know I'm a manual everything zone system homebrew tinkering
kind of guy. I don't actually *own* a film camera which contains a light
meter of any kind, much less any automation. My T90 was always used in
manual mode.

but what has been the single biggest influence on my photography in the
last year?

a digital point and shoot (well, sort of... a Nikon 5000).

curiously this is neither easier or harder to use for me than any of my
manual cameras... I guess I had internalized the manual process to such
an extent that it had disappeared. The autofocus is definitely slower,
but hey. 

However, the difference is just that I started to *see* in a different
way with this camera

to a certain extent it is like having a point-and-shoot 4x5 camera,
something I have aspired to for years

sometimes it is a pleasure to surrender certain kinds of control

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John Brownlow

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