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Subject: Re: [Leica] M7 heaven! :-) UPDATE.
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 19:35:46 -0800
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Dan Cardish wrote:
>>> But the metering in the Leica was not designed for spur of the moment
> shooting, Ted's success with it notwithstanding.  It is *selective*
> metering, which means in general you must be selective in what you

Dan old buddy be that as it may.

I've never fiddled with what you're saying. I've always looked through the
M6 viewfinder, set the arrowheads red with the camera pointed at what I'm
photographing and shoot at what I'm taking a picture of. That's it period!
And I swear it's 99.99999999999% correct since 1985 when the first M6's were
in my hands.

So take a wild guesstimation at the numbers of frames I've shot in that time
till today as a working photojournalist simply by making the red lights
light evenly and ....shoot! :-) And I swear that's the way I've done it and
every frame in the Dr. Osler book where an M6 was used, the metering was in
exactly that manner.

There's never been any idea that I was doing it wrong in the manner you
explained being selective for a meter reading.

>It is *selective* metering, which means in general you must be selective in
what you meter.<<

Gee Dan maybe you should forget that system and "light the lights and
shoot!" I suppose I'm doing it "selectively" as the meter is reading the
"selected picture area" and that's all that one needs to worry about. ;-)
Isn't it? :-)

The meter may supposed to be used in a selective manner, but the way I shot
a the M7 roll in complete reckless abandon with every exposure right on the
mark says something about the accuracy of just forgetting all the "written
stuff" and doing it real-time and just look through the viewfinder and if
it's exciting....... shoot! Isn't it worth a try in this manner and never
mind the book stuff.?


Ted Grant Photography Limited

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