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Subject: Re: [Leica] Did Leica miss the boat on the M7 viewfinder?
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 16:59:41 -0800
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>A zoom viewfinder is something they should offer as an
>option for those who need it. If they don't offer it,
>it's because they are stupid.

Well, that certainly explains things. Thanks for clearing this up for us.

>A zoom VF would open the
>near useless M system to a whole new range of fast
>long lenses. Taking it to an extreme they could corner
>the largely non existent high speed telephoto RF

Let me get this straight: create a new VF for a "largely non-existent"
market? That sounds reasonable enough.

>I'm certain an RF small enough to fit on top
>of a camera chassis that can focus a 300 2.8 more
>accurately than TTL is doable.

To that end, why not create a new RF magnifier/diopter combo unit that
would fit over the front of the specially designed external RF which would
thus be adjustable for the really long modular lens system for the R that
could be modified to be used on M cameras via a series of custom-made
hand-tooled adaptors (one for each focal length), for the totally
non-existent market of extreme telephoto RF users?


>> 1. Zoom lenses don't compare to fixed focal length
>> lenses for sharpness.
>> Why would leica want to reduce the quality of their
>> M line?
>> 2. The viewfinder in the M series has always been
>> the way it is because a
>> ajor selling point for the M was the ability to see
>> more information in
>> the frame so that you could compose intelligently. A
>> zoom finder would
>> degrade that ability.
>> 3. If you want a zoom finder in a rangefinder, why
>> not get a Contax G2?
>> It would be a quantum leap for leica to do what you
>> suggested, a leap
>> _backwards_
>> -Mark
>> On Thu, 4 Apr 2002, jfrankel wrote:
>> > From what I can tell, Leica did not use a zoom
>> view finder on the new M7.
>> > Was this a mistake?
>> > Could they have ushered in a new generation of M
>> zoom lenses?
>> > Could they have made a zoom viewfinder that would
>> have been backwards
>> > compatible with existing lenses?
>> > It seems to me that a new M number would be a good
>> time to take this quantum
>> > leap.
>> >
>> > Jeff
>> >
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