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Subject: [Leica] WAS: M7 Purchases: Hands Up.. NOW: AE lock?
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 09:51:10 -0800
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Dan Cardish wrote:
>>> I disagree.   I think AE with the M7 requires the user to devote more
> attention to the metering, since it would seem that autoexposure based on
> selective metering system such as in the Leica could easily result in
> incorrect exposures.<<

Hi Dan and others about to be M7 users or knowledgeable in things AE,

As I'm going to once again illustrate that I use the cameras without reading
a lot of the instructions, so I don't have an idea how AE works other than
using R cameras for along time and now R8s. I suppose it's setting the
aperture and the camera selects the shutter speed. Then I just shoot away
and I suppose get lucky.)  ;-)..

On the R8 for example I set the metering on A square or spot dot or
whatever, matrix? and shoot away, while watching the read outs in the view
finder.  Sorry I try to keep it KISS simple. ;-) And if I don't like what I
see I override and correct.

I thought when one used the M7, you set it for AE, that means the camera
automatically sets shutter speed and all you have to do is trust the machine
to use the correct one. While in the viewfinder the exposure is shown as you
are about to trip the shutter and the speed selected? Correct or not?

And if you don't like what you see, you just override and continue shooting

Ok OK I know that may sound dumb and hopefully my M7 will arrive next week
and I'll find out, but be my guest and feel free to explain if I'm right or
wrong on the AE settings. Thank you.

Now one thing you'all might consider, that when I use my M6's my exposure
settings are determined as soon as the two little arrowheads go red and it's
click!  I don't fiddle around looking here there and yon for exposure
changes and the right balance etc.... lights go red.........SHOOT!

So with that in mind, am I going to be able to shoot faster with AE on the


Ted Grant Photography Limited

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