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Subject: Re: [Leica] Thinking about a Voigtlander 90
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 17:06:57 -0800
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>You 100% right about the Elmarit-M but the good news is that the SAA is just
>as good (some say better but who would notice with 400iso film) and opens up
>another stop. I loved my 90/2.8E-M but I love my 90/2SAA even more.
>John Collier

I'm sure the Summicron 90 AA is everything everyone has said it is, but I'm
too fond of the performance, size, weight,  & shape of the Elmarit to give
it up.

Now, if I could justify having both...


P.S. Having similar feelings about the 35 Summilux; don't think I could
give up the 35 Summicron to get one (but did hang on to my Summicron 50
when I got the Noctilux).

>> From: Guy Bennett <>
>> I'd give the Elmarit 90 some thought, maybe even try one out if I could,
>> before I bought a 90. I've not tried the C/V 90, but I have a currentl
>> Elmarit and it's a fantastic performer. So good in fact that I recently
>> gave up the opportunity to buy a Summicron 90 ASPH at a very good price
>> because I would have had to sell my Elmarit to buy it and I just couldn't
>> bring myself to do it.
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