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Subject: RE: [Leica] looks like personal attack time, I am game!
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 21:30:41 -0500

> >Well, I believe he's right.  I can't say if that's true for you
> or not, but
> >I know that I sometimes like to "show off" my Leica (or what
> ever happens to
> >be the "drool objet de la moment").  I certainly don't rub it in people's
> >faces, or strut it about, but I do know I am proud of what I
> have, and I'm
> >sure eager to get into a discussion with someone who is interested.
> Austin
> I spent a couple of hours this afternoon in my local with my wife and
> mother.  I had my M3 and a couple of lenses with me -- I shot off ten or
> twelve exposures on 100 Delta with the 2/90 APO and had a blast.  I doubt
> if any of them will come out, though I DID imbibe some Guinness to steady
> me nerves and so forth.
> Not one person rushed up to me and said, "My GOD!  You have a
> LEICA!"  They
> just muttered, "There's Small again, with his damn cameras, ruining our
> privacy, grumble, grumble, grumble".

Hi Marc,

It is most interesting you say that.  In fact, that has never happened to me
either, with my Leica.  Funny enough, it happens ALL THE DAMN time with my
Hasselblad, RARELY with my Rollei 6008, never with my GX, but a LOT with my
Contax...  Go figure!  I'm certainly not looking for it, but it is kind of
"cute" when it happens, especially if it's someone who is very interested in
photography, or knows a lot about it...and wants to chat a bit.

Believe me, I don't flaunt my equipment.  I may flaunt my wife, perhaps, but
my equipment, least not since I met my wife ;-)



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