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Subject: RE: [Leica] looks like personal attack time, I am game!
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 10:28:15 -0500

> > ...AND more
> > importantly, why would you care?
> Ha, that is a good question, why do I care.  The reason I started this
> personal attack thread is because Jim Shulman took the attitude that
> some of us where simply into showing off.

Hi Sam,

Well, I believe he's right.  I can't say if that's true for you or not, but
I know that I sometimes like to "show off" my Leica (or what ever happens to
be the "drool objet de la moment").  I certainly don't rub it in people's
faces, or strut it about, but I do know I am proud of what I have, and I'm
sure eager to get into a discussion with someone who is interested.  I'd
call it more pride than showing off, but there certainly is a sense of
showing off.  Aside from that, I do know some people own Leicas just to say
they own Leicas, and want others to know they own a Leica (or what ever the
object... is).  It's kind of fake...but some people here do that.

> I care because I own what I
> own because it allows me to do things I could not do otherwise.  This
> applies to both cars and cameras.

That's a large part of it for me too.

> I care because I want to be clear
> that, though I do have an ego (come on, who doesn't), I am full of the
> substance, along with the smelly stuff.  Again, that last sentence IS in
> a bit subjective hehehehehe!

Yeah, but that still goes back to, why do you care?  This is getting a bit
psycho babble-esque...but if you have the "substance" then why do you care
if others know that or not?  I think it all comes out in the wash.  There
ARE fakers, and there are people who really do have the "substance", and
there are all kinds in between.

> I care because it seems there are a lot of folks that are willing to say
> something but unable to back it up.

Certainly true.

> I
> have a lot more respect for those that can backup what they say.

Me too, but also some real gems come out of people who may not know what
they are talking about, but I may be able to understand how it applies to

> > There are a lot of things I'm not very good at (well, may be a few...and
> > some day, I'll discover what those are ;-), but I still do
> them...and some
> > of them I do because I enjoy them, some I do because I like
> learning...but
> > again, that's my business.
> It is true that it is your business not mine.  But if you were to
> criticize me on a subject, but are not very good in that subject, more
> importantly, not as good as I am in that subject, I am going to take
> what you have to say with a grain of salt.

Hum.  It depends on the subject.  Some subjects, like what one likes for ice
cream, or cars, or photos, is very subjective...and just because I may not
be an expert in paint manufacturing, doesn't mean I can't have a favorite
color!  I do know what you mean though.

I know some guys who are total experts in photographic equipment, but their
images are not very good, IMO.  I had a woman working for me in the studio
that used a frigging Holga as her main camera, and damn, if she wasn't
better with that thing than some of the others with their fancy Rolleis and
Hasselblads.  Equipment doesn't make the "man", but talent and experience
does.  Sometimes all the experience in the world can't make you better, if
you just don't have the talent (and the desire), and sometimes all the
desire and experience won't do it either.

As long as you enjoy what you are doing...and I admit, I love photography,
and I do love using my Leica.



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