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Subject: Re: [Leica] Alfie's Leica R4 PAW #7...
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 19:19:54 -0800
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Alfie posted another!
>>> Alfie's PAW #7 taken with a R4 is at:

Hi Alfie,
Let me say I think you are trying, even though at times the advice given
appears to go right over your head.

Here we go:
1/  You didn't hold the camera straight as it appears the camera was tilted
down and forward from the upper left side creating a strange down hill look
at the left.

In this kind of photo where there are vertical and horizontal lines of
buildings in the back ground you should quickly check the view finder sides
as you look through the camera and make sure you are...." holding the camera
straight! Vertically and horizontally lined up with one of the building
lines in the background, otherwise you keep spoiling what might have been an
interesting photograph. Interesting, not great or good.

2/ I think it would've had more interest if you waited longer until the
women came closer or were about to pass. Then the following couple would've
moved further into the frame making a more interesting photograph. If not,
better  composition.

When you have the camera to your eye in this situation, people walking
toward you and shoot, it's best to keep the camera to your eye as the
subjects come closer as there maybe a far more interesting photo of
expressions by waiting.

Even then keep holding the camera to your eye until they pass out of view,
then they wont have any idea you shot their picture. Besides the next people
coming along may provide a much better situation.

I can only say keep on trying, the more you shoot and listen, the better you
should become. But make sure the advice you receive is applied to the next
picture session as that's the only way you will improve.

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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