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Subject: Re: [Leica] Paul Fusco Leica Ace
From: Tarek Charara <>
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 10:17:32 +0100

Don't laugh, but very seriously the french government announced via official
media that the clouds coming from the east suddenly went up north (or
something like that) at the french border. France was thus saved from the
nuclear danger...


le 13.02.2002 1:17, Feliciano di Giorgio à a écrit :

> I was in Germany when Chernobyl blew up. Two days later we had a big
> rainstorm and the sky turned brown. I think it was sand that get's blown
> up from the Sahara, but still creepy. You could only buy canned
> vegetables and there were restrictions on everything from milk to meat.
> It was very strange to walk in to a supermarket that is basicly empty,
> because there was a stampede and the whole market was sold out. You
> couldn't walk on the lawn and were supposed to stay on the concrete,
> which was supposedly not as hot. I was in 7th grade and in my biology
> class we went out with a Geiger counter that crackled like crazy.
> We took iodine pills and got checkups for radiation exposure. In short
> it sucked. We also used to have nuke drills. They would round us up and
> we would be marched off to the school's bicycle cellar(!). I was about
> 12 years old and crammed in the back. I remember looking around at an
> old broken desk, a rusted bike and the small cellar window thinking to
> myself "Oh, yeah. This is REALLY going to make a difference."

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