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Subject: RE: [Leica] Leica R8 vs. Nikon D1x
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 11:55:28 EST

<< ...I don't know that my response to

Nigel's sales pitch was at all out of line. No, he didn't say "I am selling

R8s and this is the price." Instead, he set up a strawman, knocked it down,

and left the R8 standing. This wasn't you making the comparison, or some

other LUGer with no financial interest in the outcome of the comparison'

this was a DEALER - someone whose meals and rent/mortgage depend upon the

number of Leica cameras he sells.....>>


You are obviously suffering a malady created by your past life as a newspaper 
journalist. Post Traumatic Righteous Indignation Disorder. In your current 
life you need to concentrate on becoming the gadget-happy, maybe this piece 
of gear will make it better, photographer that we all know and love. Forget 
the mystical pyramid of journalistic construct, forget the five Ws. Forget 
the mission to right wrongs with the pen, and create justice with the written 
word. A good camera sales pitch is hard to find, and since camera gear, 
unlike the pen changes every six months, embrace the salesman, and open your 
wallet to the call of the next "perfect" body or lens.

If it weren't for marketing, we would have little to talk about on this list. 

former photojournalist: now unabashedly commercial
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