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Subject: Re: [Leica] My Leica...Bad Experience!
From: Joseph Yao <>
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 23:12:15 +0800


Mr. Horst Braun has retired.  You may like to contact Mr. Ludwig Wildenauer
instead at:

Ludwig Wildenauer
Division Manager Customer Service
Leica Camera AG
phone:     +49 (6442) 208 712
Fax:         +49 (6442) 208 339

Failing that, you may like to send a fax to Mr. Hans-Peter Cohn, Chairman of
Leica AG, at:

+49 (6442) 208 333

This is his personal fax number.

Hope this helps.



on 21/1/02 6:08 pm, Justin Goh at wrote:

> Greetings to All,
> I just want to share my bad experience from Leica. I
> bought my Leica M6 TTL body with the 90 mm lens and
> Motor M last September. I was going for my Christmas
> holiday to another country and will be attending a
> family and friends' reunion last Christmas season and
> was about to bring along my Leica body and lens
> together with me when something happened. I didn't put
> my first roll 'til December as I was pretty confident
> that nothing's gonna happen with it. On my 3rd frame,
> after I can't cock the shutter anymore; when I opened
> tha camera back, I had to take out the unused film and
> saw for myself that the shutter was split into two.
> Well, it was split in a way that the other curtain was
> loose from some sort of a metal frame between the two
> shutter cloths (I believe it's the first and second
> curtain). I immediately took my camera to the agent to
> get it checked as I wasn't forcing anything on the
> virgin roll. To my surprise, the Leica technician said
> that it was a 'factory defect' and they will have to
> send the body to Germany for repair and was told that
> it will take 3 long months to get it back. I didn't
> even get the chance to see the result of the first
> film as it was already exposed. That really hurt me
> and wrote a mail to Mr. Horst Braun of Leica if I can
> get a brand new body as a replacement for the faulty
> body as I've never even put on the camera around my
> neck. I never got ANY response or comments from him or
> from anybody from Leica. 'Hope somebody's listening
> here from Leica to give some comments. Are you getting
> the same service from Leica?
> Mark
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