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Subject: Re: [Leica] Rules of the Group
From: "Ted Bayer" <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 00:02:50 -0800
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Thanks, Ted, for the encouragement.  And, yes, I will let you know if I
am coming your way.  Thanks.

BTW,  should you decide to come down our way you will no doubt have to
pass through my area -- so anytime you are near Gig Harbor, let me know,
too.  It is a beautiful place to photograph.

Ted in Olalla

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From: "Ted Grant" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, January 19, 2002 10:00 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Rules of the Group

> Ted Bayer wrote:
> >>> The post below prompts me to write to the group about the rules of
> > group. Are they posted somewhere?  I must have missed them.<<<<<
> Hey Ted from the other ted! :-)
> I'm over in Victoria anytime you're coming this way to another island
> me a shout :-)
> There are no rules, just shoot away to your hearts delight show and
> from them and don't worry about where you live and little life to
shoot. We
> who live out here on the wet west coast sometimes have to deal with
> unpleasantness," ;-) but don't let that deter you from shooting in it
> about it.
> There is magic in a rain storm, just let your imagination go free and
> at things happening in as simple as, rain drops in a puddle or
> through or at a window with rain drops splattering on it.
> I bet you have some great mood weather over there, so that opens up a
> new bunch of picture opportunities. Just shoot whatever motivates you
> that's how we all learned.  Don't be put off if you get some cranky
old guy
> laying the word down about not holding the camera straight or bending
> knees to get down for a better angle. :-)
> Roll with it all, the good, bad and the ugly! And smile broadly when
> receive the accolades as that's what its all about. Feeling good and
> :-)
> Most important?  Do it for yourself, as you're the ultimate
photographer to
> satisfy and please, take advice with good thought and a grain of salt.
As we
> photographers never stop learning, even those of us who've been doing
it for
> half a century. :-)
> >>>I don't have access to a lab so will have to rely on the local
photo shop
> for processing (I have also seen a few negative comments about doing
> I have an inexpensive scanner and can do a little cropping on my
> but that is about it.<<<<
> Hell don't worry about any naysayers when it comes to labs and
scanners etc.
> as each one of us are limited by where we live, our income and
position in
> life. So never mind this kind of comment about not using the local lab
> whatever.
> Sure if one can have their own darkroom and super dollar scanner
they'd be
> better off, but that's not always the case and you work with your
> and what your pocket book can offer and you own.
> OK that should get you on a roll. ;-)
> ted
> Ted Grant Photography Limited
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