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Subject: Re: [Leica] M4-2! Fact or fiction
From: Stephen Gandy <>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 12:01:33 -0800
References: <>

Hi John,

the change in the M4-2 finder somewhere in mid production, ie finder implication
by the removal of a few small condensers,  was brought to my attention by
another Lugger, confirmed by a famous Leica trained repair tech who does not
care to be quoted,  and finally confirmed to me  by Mr. Horst Braun, while he
headed the repair department at Solms.

As a result, I  personally take the story of  M4-2 finder changes about midway
thru production as fact, and believe the changes  went a long way toward
creating occasional RF patch flare in the later M4-2 and succeeding cameras.

 it is of course very interesting that these two particular M4-2's exhibit the
opposite behavior.     I can't help but wonder if  even more changes were made
during the course of production as Leica tried to find the "right" combination
of efficiency and cost costing,  or if  the particular finders in your M4-2's
have been replaced during their three decades of life -- or if these particular
M4-2's have the original accessory shoe serial numbers.


John Collier wrote:

> I found an early production M4-2 (the 814th M4-2 made not counting the 91 or
> so with the red dot and R3 serial numbers)

> The finder flares just like my TTL does! My late model M4-2 (with no easy
> vertical alignment screw) did not flare at all. It was the same as my M2.
> This M4-2 has the old style vertical alignment adjustment screw so it has an
> original finder in it. Weird and I think a famous quote from Shakespeare
> would be appropriate. Choose one you like :-)

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