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Subject: Re: [Leica] M4-2! Fact or fiction
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 14:59:35 EST

In a message dated 1/19/02 2:08:14 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> I am not against the older bodies but I do not agree with those who hold 
that Leica >has not made any good cameras after the end of M4 production.

......I'm with you John. I've used M4s since my first in 1967, bought an M6 
in the mid-80s and it is still my main user, along with the same early M4. 
I'm not sure I know any folks who would seriously say that Leica has not made 
any good cameras after M4 production nor any knowledgable person who would 
believe that. Leica still makes the very best rangefinder cameras in the 
world. I suspect that every professional on (and off) the LUG would subscribe 
to that.

There are those who believe that after the M4, commercial feasibility, 
production costs and the realities of today's market compelled Leica to 
change its production methods and that today's M6s no longer have the 
hand-crafted, hand-fitted features that M4s and earlier Leicas had; and I am 
inclined to believe that. 

Which is very remote indeed from the assertion that Leica made no quality 
cameras after the M4.

Seth                   LaK 9 

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