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Subject: Re: [Leica] Arne's PAW #2 for 2002 (goth alert!)
From: "Richard Ogden" <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 08:36:13 -0000
References: <20020108190617.5BFD42046@arne-nb.helme-intra>

I admire your intention to display uncropped photos in your PAW, but I
wonder if you aren't making a rod for your own back! Discussion of this
photo has tended to centre round the 'ashtray or not' issue, though I don't
find this so important. It is dark in tone, doesn't catch the viewer's eye
too much, and tends to match the mood of the surroundings. Equally, however,
I can accept the argument that if she is looking into space, lost in her own
thoughts, it is more appropriate for there to be nothing at that side of the
frame. More bothersome to me are the neon signs above her head, especially
as they cut into the top of the frame. A crop in this area would help this
viewer at least to concentrate more easily on the face. Because it is the
face and pose which are the making of this picture - a very natural moment,
wonderful dark tones and beautiful rim lighting around her nose and cheek. A
very memorable picture.

Richard Ogden
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Subject: [Leica] Arne's PAW #2 for 2002 (goth alert!)

: I just added PAW #2 2002 to my web site.  It was shot last weekend when I
: to a gothic/industrial party in the Ruhr area of Germany.  Following the
: suggestions I received after posting PAW #1, I have tried to retain more
: detail in the shadow areas of the scan.  It is a full frame uncropped
: and I intend to only display uncropped fotos on my PAW.  Comments and
: suggestion are appreciated.
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