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Subject: RE: [Leica] It's official - the Tri-Elmar rules!
From: "Jay Burleson" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2001 19:39:01 -0800

This is after his test of 50 rolls of b&w film using the same model &
lighting setup.
Maybe he started seeing a quality that he didn't capture the first time he
used/tested the lens.
Or maybe he just wanted us to waste our time discussing "what is really
better" when we should be doing as Ted continually suggests and go out and
take pictures.
Something I have not been doing much of, and it's starting to hurt.

Jay Burleson
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UPDATED 5-30-01:

That is curious. Did they reformulate the Tri-E? When it came out, Erwin
said this:

- ---------------------------

Comparison to the fixed focal lengths.

These lenses excel of course with excellent to superb performance at the
wide apertures of 2,0 and 2,8. At f/4,0 they are at its optimum and then
meet the 3E also almost at optimum performance. For all focal lengths we can
give this verdict. Based on the f/4 performance. The fixed focal lenses
outperform the 3E in the image quality at the level of extremely fine
details and the performance in the outer zones and extreme corners. The
overall contrast of the fixed focal lengths too is better, giving the
pictures slightly more clarity.

Very careful comparison of the pictures (low speed transparency at 30 x)
taken with the 3E and its companions shows these performance differentials
in contrast and the quality at the level of extremely fine details.

The 3E shows remarkable suppression of flare and night shots taken on the 28
position give very good clarity of highlights and shadows with good detail
rendition and only a faintly visible coma in the extreme outer zone.

For the Normal user the performance differences are immaterial and will not
be of any importance. The HD user might note the differences but it is a
matter of personal preference how to rate these quality differences.

- -------------------------------

Excerpted from:

Perhaps Erwin has been reformulated...

John Collier

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