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Subject: Re: [Leica] Completely OT: Help Sought
From: Akhil Lal <>
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 23:57:42 -0500
References: <> <>

Thanks for the prompt reply Brian. 

I did check the RELAYS.ORDB.ORG database (by entering in it my e-mail server's IP address) before posting my message, yet it did not show up in their database. Now I am doubly puzzled. 

If it will help, I can e-mail you the IP address from which I post, although I expect you can get that easily enough.


Brian Reid wrote:
> > Can any list member explain what is going on and how to remedy the
> > situation ?
> >
> > Interestingly, until about 2 weeks ago I had no problems posting to the
> > IDCC.
> Boy, do I ever know what is going on. If there is such a thing as
> justifiable homicide, I would like to suggest that it be used first on the
> people at RELAYS.ORDB.ORG and others like them.
> Nobody likes to get spam. Most of us just cuss and delete it. Some people
> who are control freak technocrats get so outraged that they try to do
> something about it.
> There are about a dozen vigilante organizations out there who make lists
> of computers that they claim are sending spam and then try to trick
> well-meaning ISPs into using their lists.
> It is almost all utter bullshit. About 99% of the computers that make
> these blacklists are not sending spam at all. In your case, they've
> blacklisted CUNY. The ISP that hosts the IDCC has been tricked into
> subscribing to an anti-spam service, and that anti-spam service is
> asserting that CUNY's computers are devoted to spam.
> I would like to see a US Air Force bombing run made on everybody who runs
> anti-spam services. I hate spam, but I hate anti-spam vigilantes a lot
> more.
> >From time to time a LUG subscriber's ISP will start doing something like
> this. When that happens, I instantly boot them from the LUG, and explain
> that if they want to be on the LUG, they must either convince their ISP to
> stop using these pseudo-spam-prevention services or they must find a new
> ISP.
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