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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: HCB and "Faceless"
From: "B. D. Colen" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 13:11:09 -0500
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Thanks, John - It's nice to know that, other than being 12 years off, 
I'm not losing my mind...;-)

B. D.

John R. Fulton Jr. wrote:

> Hi BD--
> I must agree with you.
> I just pulled Self-Portrait USA by DDD off my shelf. If you haven't 
> looked at it recently it is worth a look-see.
> It is his coverage of the 1968 political conventions and it is GREAT. If 
> you want to see how to cover conventiions this is it. This book is great 
> reportage.
> While the Democratic convention was going on, DDD took a side-trip to 
> the Great Lakes Naval hospital to photograph the injured Marines 
> watching the convention (with their Alfred E. Newman for President 
> poster). He was on the streets of Chicago during the riots.
> He got wonderful closeups of Nixon in Miami. Plus alot of behind the 
> scenes stuff you just don't see today.
> He was shooting with a pre-production 400 6.8 Telyt borrowed from Leica 
> for an SL. He also used two "ancient" (his words) M3Ds with 21 and 50. 
> In addition he used Nikon Photomics.
> Anyway, beg, borrow or buy this book. Anybody who doesn't think DDD was 
> a shooter will want to re-think it after Self-Portrait USA.
> John Fulton
> Fort Worth
>> Having trashed the HCB book by DDD, I have to jump to his defense here 
>> - some of his Korea stuff can be placed side by side with the best of 
>> the best. Yes, it has to be viewed in the context of the times, but 
>> that said, it is excellent combat photography. And his convention 
>> coverage from, was it 1956?, is also none too shabby. And then came 
>> the Picasso period...;-)
>> B. D.
>> wrote:
>>> Yes, the book is Crap for sure. But DDD's reputation is much 
>>> over-rated IMHO.  He traded on his relationship with Picasso. He was 
>>> a Marine, and that made him a tough guy.  But his Korea pictures are 
>>> just OK; can't compare with the real deal, McCullin, Jones-Griffiths 
>>> et al. --
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