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Subject: Re: [Leica] Maintaining solution temps--OT
From: "Dan States" <>
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 03:19:55 +0000

This all sounds like a very complicated way to get to a simple solution.  
Why not just develope at room temp?  You can then be assured of the final 
density of your negs because there will be no "cool down" during 
development.  I regularly develope at temps between 64 and 75 and have found 
no problems with uneven densities, as long as I adjust times properly.

By the way, Ilford has a great temp conversion chart on their website.  It 
is in PDF form, and is generally more reliable than some of the very strange 
recomendations on Kodak's tech charts.  In my experince some of the Kodak 
times for lower temp development give thin negs.  Using the Delta chart has 
never let me down.  Funny that they would differ, but I swear Kodak is 
slipping lately.  (I've had so many problems with bad batches of XTOL that I 
finally had to give up.  I value predictability above all in developers).

In the wash it is important to keep the temp fairly consistent with what 
your development temps were, to avoid reticulation of the grain.  
Reticulation can occur when one of your liquids is dramatically colder, or 
hotter than the developer.  Agfa APX is particularly prone to this.  Less 
so, with other brands.

Finally,regarding agitation, consistency is the thing.  As long as you 
maintain a "style" from batch to batch it will not mater how you agitate. 
(as long as you do enough to keep fresh developer against the emulsion).  
If, after some trials you find your negs too snappy, you can just dial back 
your times, leaving your inversion technique the same.  I prefer 5 tank 
inversions in 5 seconds, every 30 seconds.  JOBO processors prove that even 
constant agitation can provide superb negs, as long as your times are 
adjusted accordingly.

Best wishes
Dan States
Madison WI
>Thanks, Bill.  Do I understand correctly that you don't attempt to maintain
>your bucket water at, say, 75 degrees?  Rather, if your chemical solutions
>are too cool, then you put much warmer water into the bucket, get your
>chemical temps up to 75, then pull them all out of the bucket, and proceed
>with the developing?  Sorry to be so elemental, and thanks for your
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>From: "W Larsen" <>
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>Sent: Sunday, December 02, 2001 9:38 PM
>Subject: Re: [Leica] Maintaining solution temps--OT
>Well, I use a bucket.  I mix all of my chemicals in advance
>for (developer is usually D76).  I mix everything in used
>water bottles (e.g. arrowhead or whatever)  I put all of the
>bottles into a cheap plastic bucket, then add either hot or
>cold water depending upon the current environmetnal
>conditions.  For a thermometer, I use one of the relatively
>cheap instant read cooking thermometers (they have been spot
>on with my real thermometers).  I adjust all of the bottle
>in the bucket to what temp I want to process.  It seems to
>work well.  If you have been away for years, be aware that
>the tabular grain films (t-max etc) require different
>agitation than what you were used to.  Just adjust the wash
>to about what you are processing...this is where the instant
>read themometer shines!!!
>Regards, Will Larsen
>  Julian writes:
> > I hope this is not too OT for the list.  I am about to
>return to home
> > development of B/W film after a hiatus of 40 years.  I
>somehow feel
> > threatened by the challenge of maintaining developer,
>stop, water, fix, and
> > wash at same temperatures.  Would some of you with
>experience please share
> > how you do this in the absence of any fancy equipment?
>All at room temp
> > sounds easy, but how about doing it at 75 degrees F?
> >
> > If too OT, I respectfully withdraw the question.
> >
> > Thanks..........Julian
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