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Subject: [Leica] SS & 120 and leaving the tank open (shallow leica content)
From: "kyle cassidy" <>
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 12:31:11 -0800

>Alternatively, without getting into a steel/plastic religous war, is
loading SS
>reels with 120 any easier? I'm starting to think it can't be any worse.
>This message is really just a pathetic cry for help after I turned the
>on at the wrong time yesterday with 3 rolls of 120 in my tank, but the tank
>open. Sigh.

i think one of those kodak lasagnia strips is the easiest way, bar none, to
load film, but i don't see them sold anymore ... that said, i find it easier
to load 120 onto SS reels. just bend it soldily in the middle, clip it
under, and keep the film bent as you reel it on. like they say, practice in
the light....

i recently chanced upon a book by mary ellen mark and (i think) anne
liebowitz from the 70's. in it, mary ellen talks about shooting "six great
rolls", loading them into a tank and then leaving them on the counter to go
out and celebrate, meanwhile, someone comes in and says "ooh, there's the
developing tank, i need to develop this film from my birthday party _pop_
ooh, there's film in there it seems. oh well."

lesson learned ... i also think there was a lugger who recently posted that
he loaded film with his eyes closed and realized that while he indeed closed
his eyes, he forgot to turn out the light first...

if i'm going to leave the tank around before developing, i put some masking
tape over the top as a warning/reminder.


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