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Subject: Re: [Leica] SF20, Leica, and value
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 02:24:12 EST

Dans un courrier daté du 01/12/01 21:47:28 Paris, Madrid, a écrit :

> I have a million little and not so little flashes, A Mecablitz 32 Z-2 which 
> i
>  got a TTL shoe for the M6 is not a handy size for most camera bags. It 
> to
>  stay home.
>  A cheap and tiny Mecablitz 20 BC 6 gives me not particularly accurate non 
>  exposures on an A setting.
>  A Vivitar 283 with sensor on the cord is almost as good as TTL but is not a
>  compact deal.
>  My wife had a birthday and insisted on TTL for her M6 and i splurged and 
> her
>  the SF20.
>  She shoots mainly Kodachrome 200 with it which is a not particularly 
> forgiving
>  film in terms of exposure, you've got to nail it.
>  One out of ten of her exposures are not keepers with this arrangement. She
>  shoots in the dark at LHSA meetings when all the other M6's sit there on 
>  table in dark restaurants. (Except my Noctilux with Neopan 1600 in it!).
>  So sure it's way too expensive. Both Metz and Leica have to make money. 
> it
>  just works like sun of a gun. Does not eat batteries. Takes a licking and 
> keeps
>  on ticking. We feel it's paid for itself many times over.
>  Mark Rabiner
>  Portland, Oregon USA
>  --

Hello Mark .
I've got the Metz 20 BC 6 and it's nice on A mode too .

But I've bought the SF20 after I saw a picture of a friend 
who's knowledge in photography is still on the low side .

But this lucky chap had been offered an M6 with 2/50
and the SF20 by his rich parents and I was stoned by 
the results he obtained with the flash on TTL mode .

I must add that at the begining he thought the M6 was 
hard to use , but after a few weeks , and seeing the 
results compared to his old Minolta , he didn't even think
of another camera to make pictures .

By the way it's nice to have a wife who is involved in 
photography , most importantly for us in Leica .
Mine thinks Leica is overkill as much as my V8's...

Jo Goodtimes , France 
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