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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica and off-camera strobe
From: "W Larsen" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 18:39:54 -0800
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Well, I am about a half generation behind you.  I too was
trained when 4x5 was considered medium format rathter than
large format.  The point is that many LUGnuts have never had
to handle a Speed/Crown Graphic with a flash.  The M cameras
are really particularly suited to handle an off-camera
flash.   I am talking about non-studio use.  Many of the
younger photogs on the list have never seen a flash used
other than over the lens as a built-in feautre of their
twinkie cameras.

I think a few months of  carrying a 15 # flash battery pack
would cure many of the younger LUGers of the desire to use
flash.  (and mine was a Metz).

> Bill Larsen wrote:
> >>> I think that the worst mistake that camera designer
made was
> > to put the "hot" shoe on the aux shoe....this set the
> > standard for flash as over the camera.  No modeling what
> > ever.  Taking the flash off camera gives the
> > some control.<<<<

Ted Grant writes:
> Hi Bill,
> When I was a newsphotographer in the days of only Speed
Graphic 4X5 cameras,
> flash bulbs and eventually big wet cell battery powered
Multiblitz strobes,
> we always moved the subject at least six feet from the
wall took flash gun
> off camera and held it up as high as possible to get some
kind of shape to
> the face and to avoid that horrible on the wall behind
subject shadow!
> Of course M cameras with flash mounted create the ideal
perfect shadow
> technique and that's another reason why I'd never consider
ever using flash
> with an M6. Actually regardless of leica making TTL
bodies, I think they
> should've encouraged a better understanding of using
available existing
> light .
> However, I've learned over the years on the LUG & LEG much
to my surprise,
> there are quite a number of photographers who use flash
with the M6, so I
> make a valiant, although at times I feel it's absolutely a
futile effort, to
> encourage them to use the light they see by and keep the
flash for
> absolutely, " if I don't use it I'll lose it picture
> And if many of them would take the bull, "read camera and
light" by the
> horns and just go for it using the light that's motivating
them in the first
> place, many of them would improve their picture taking
> However, it takes some guts to abandon flash when one has
been using it as a
> crutch for years.
> I make the effort to shoot flash down all the time to help
some of these
> guys to maybe, just maybe make some interesting non-flash
pictures like they
> may not have tried before. Now if they wish not to make
the effort, then who
> am I to get concerned, simply because I know it works, as
I've seen the work
> of many student photographers, excellent amateurs and pros
who've taken the
> plunge and gone available existing light and later thanked
me for pointing
> the way.
> Those folks who wish not to try, hey that's their choice.
Cool! I agree
> available light isn't the answer to every photo situation
and I've never
> said that, simply because I'd be a bloody fool to make
such a blanket
> statement.
> But the light we see by can be used far more often than
many give the light,
> their ability to use it and the quality of leica glass
credit that allows us
> to make excellent photographs. without flash, filled or
other wise.
> ted.
> Ted Grant Photography Limited
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