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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica and off-camera strobe
From: "Ted Grant" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 16:05:40 -0800
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Bill Larsen wrote:
>>> I think that the worst mistake that camera designer made was
> to put the "hot" shoe on the aux shoe....this set the
> standard for flash as over the camera.  No modeling what so
> ever.  Taking the flash off camera gives the photographer
> some control.<<<<

Hi Bill,
When I was a newsphotographer in the days of only Speed Graphic 4X5 cameras,
flash bulbs and eventually big wet cell battery powered Multiblitz strobes,
we always moved the subject at least six feet from the wall took flash gun
off camera and held it up as high as possible to get some kind of shape to
the face and to avoid that horrible on the wall behind subject shadow!

Of course M cameras with flash mounted create the ideal perfect shadow
technique and that's another reason why I'd never consider ever using flash
with an M6. Actually regardless of leica making TTL bodies, I think they
should've encouraged a better understanding of using available existing
light .

However, I've learned over the years on the LUG & LEG much to my surprise,
there are quite a number of photographers who use flash with the M6, so I
make a valiant, although at times I feel it's absolutely a futile effort, to
encourage them to use the light they see by and keep the flash for
absolutely, " if I don't use it I'll lose it picture situation."

And if many of them would take the bull, "read camera and light" by the
horns and just go for it using the light that's motivating them in the first
place, many of them would improve their picture taking immeasurably.
However, it takes some guts to abandon flash when one has been using it as a
crutch for years.

I make the effort to shoot flash down all the time to help some of these
guys to maybe, just maybe make some interesting non-flash pictures like they
may not have tried before. Now if they wish not to make the effort, then who
am I to get concerned, simply because I know it works, as I've seen the work
of many student photographers, excellent amateurs and pros who've taken the
plunge and gone available existing light and later thanked me for pointing
the way.

Those folks who wish not to try, hey that's their choice. Cool! I agree
available light isn't the answer to every photo situation and I've never
said that, simply because I'd be a bloody fool to make such a blanket

But the light we see by can be used far more often than many give the light,
their ability to use it and the quality of leica glass credit that allows us
to make excellent photographs. without flash, filled or other wise.

Ted Grant Photography Limited

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