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Subject: Re: [Leica] How soft?
From: Feliciano di Giorgio <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 19:50:24 -0800
References: <> wrote:
> Hello Feliciano:
> It may depend on the serial number of your DR. The later series, the ones
> with the focussing ring grooves in the indented scallops rather than on the
> raised grips, have different coating material. It is supposed to be both
> better in terms of light transmission and harder. I'm not certain at what
> serial number that started but believe it was in the 1,900,000 series and
> later.

That would include mine. The serial number is #192xxxx. The coating
looks a little
more purple to me than other examples I have seen. 

>If you get a fingerprint on the lens, it is time to clean it
>as soon as possible...acids and oils can permanently etch
>the surface.
>Regards, Bill Larsen

Yep, I've seen that happen. I have a beautiful old set of coated
Baush&Lomb 35mm cine lenses (Super Baltar). The 25mm has a nice
fingerprint on it, that long ago someone didn't clean off.  Eventualy it
ate through the coating. In that case it is more of a obssesive/
compulsive/cosmetic problem, since I've never seen it affect the
performance of the lens,
but then again the print is about 1/4 inch big and the glass is about 4
inches across...

> Use just a drop of lens cleaning fluid (I learned this from experience when I destroyed a
>lens by having the tissue soaked).

How did too much fluid destroy the lens? Did it attack the coating or
get inside and lead to problems?

>My first DR I had for 5 years and used it hard, no damage.  If you are
>worried you could always dedicate it to B&W and keep a yellow filter on it
>all the time :))
>Don Dory

Oddly enough that's pretty much all I shoot and one of the main reason
why I bought the DR.
Now, the permanent yellow filter is a WHOLE different discussion...

Thanks everyone.


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