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Subject: Re: [Leica] How soft?
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 14:45:48 EST

Hello Feliciano:

It may depend on the serial number of your DR. The later series, the ones 
with the focussing ring grooves in the indented scallops rather than on the 
raised grips, have different coating material. It is supposed to be both 
better in terms of light transmission and harder. I'm not certain at what 
serial number that started but believe it was in the 1,900,000 series and 

I've had my DR (ser#211XXXX) since new in 1967. I haven't had to clean it 
often, but on the occasions when it required, I have used Kodak lens tissue 
and, less often, the Kodak lens cleaning fluid with the tissue. I've never 
used any other tissue or cloth of any kind. My front and rear lens surfaces 
still look like new.

If the lens becomes dirty, first use an air bulb to blow any loose schmutz 
off. I don't like the aerosol cans as they direct a very strong blast of 
compressed air that might lodge foreign specks in places it oughtn't be. 
Then, unless there is clearly foreign matter clinging to the surface, I 
breathe on the lens to put light moisture on it and gently rub it clean with 
lens tissue, starting in the center and working toward the perimeter in a 
circular motion. If more needed, do not put cleaning fluid directly on the 
lens - it will flow to the edges and make the cleaning job very difficult. 
Moisten the lens tissue with fluid and do the center to perimeter circular 

If someone on-list has different experience with the early, softer coatings, 
it may be useful to readers.

Best,   Seth    LaK 9
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