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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Noctilux - 1st impressions
From: "W Larsen" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 20:29:03 -0800
References: <> <v04011700b820d44b5e20@[]>

Is the particular characteristic of a lens a downside or an
"opportunity" to control the focus of your pix?  I don't own
a perfect lens.  I have used most of mine enough to identify
their "flaws" which can then be turned into assets.  Light
fall-off at the corners can be used to focus the
composition.  Many great paintings I have seen use this
technique.  I think you are going to get great results
because you recognize the limitation of the lens and know
how to use that limitation.

Regards, Bill Larsen

Guy Bennett writes regarding vignetting of the Noticlux:
(with big snips)

>You're certainly right about the light falloff, the only
problem is that in
> virtually all of the shots I've made with the lens, it is
not apparent.
> Either the background is too dark and the vignetting is
> invisible, or there's a lively background with both
highlights and shadows
> and the vignetting is therefore invisible. The one place I
have seen it is
> in a few photos of my baby daughter in the tub, being
given a bath by her
> mother. (All "private" parts covered by the inevitable
rubber duck - I am
> an American after all.) The tub and tiled wall are a light
color, and the
> vignetting is indeed visible. It was a bit of a surprise
when I first
> noticed it, then remembered what I'd read and heard about
the lens and
> light falloff in the corners of the images. I'll keep this
in mind when
> shooting wide open against light colored backgrounds in
the future. That is
> perhaps the *only* downside that I've found in the
Noctilux. (And since
> it's mostly going to be used in low light situations, I
don't think it'll
> be a problem with me...)

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