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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Coffee
From: Henning Wulff <>
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 20:42:17 -0800
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At 9:14 PM -0500 11/7/01, Tina Manley wrote:

>My espresso story:  We lived in Chicago several years ago and 
>boarded horses on our farm there.  A horse trainer used to come by 
>several times a week to work with the horses and she would drop in 
>for a cup of coffee.  One night we had espresso instead and she 
>loved it.  She had about four cups and headed home.  We didn't see 
>her for about 4 days.  When she came back into the kitchen, she had 
>dark circles under her eyes and said she hadn't slept since she left 
>four days before!  She vowed to never drink espresso again.  I love 
>it but only drink it when I know I'm going to be awake for several 
>hours.  My husband can drink a whole pot and sleep like a baby.

I'm in the latter category. One time in the early 60's I was studying 
for an exam - Math, I think; I took a lot of math courses at that 
time - and around midnight found myself falling asleep. I didn't 
drink much coffee at the time, so I thought I might be able to keep 
myself going by having some. I filled a large mug half full of 
instant coffee, and poured hot water on it. NOT a gustatory delight! 
I fell asleep half an hour later, woke up at my usual time (10 
minutes before the start of the exam), went to write the exam, and 
fell asleep half way through. Fortunately, one of the examiners 
noticed this and woke me up, so I finished the exam and got a decent 

I like lattes with 4 or 6 shots, but only for the flavour. Hate that 
weak stuff. Sometimes I go for a number of days without coffee, but 
usually I go through a pound of beans in 3 days. Slow shutter speeds 
are doing fine.

Whisky is another matter. Can't drink it in the quantities I used to. 
Oh well. Too expensive anyway.

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