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Subject: Re: [Leica] To Buy or Not to Buy: a Leica 0
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:25:51 -0700
References: <OF972B45C7.FBFA2164-ON85256AF0.00656F71@com> wrote:
> OK, ladies and gents,  It's been a while since I lurked on this list, and
> even longer since I posted anything.  So, now I have an interesting
> problem.  I have an opportunity to purchase a brand new gorgeous Leica 0.
> I'd really like to buy it.  But, I've never bought a camera for the sake of
> collecting (my kit includes an M6TTL, an M5, an M2 and a Leicaflex SL).  On
> the one hand, I really love this camera; on the other hand, the chances of
> actually using it are slim to none (ok, maybe I'd run a couple of rolls
> through for giggles just to see what Leica enthusiasts circa 1924 had to
> deal with).  In short, it is likely to live in its box, perhaps to be
> brought out occasionally for the sole purpose of paying homage to Oscar
> Barnack.  Maybe eventually, I'd even buy a glass case for it.  But!!  The
> idea of buying a camera simply to collect it really doesn't compute for me.
> Does anyone have any good reasons why or why not to buy this beauty?  Other
> than that I love it  of course.
> Regards,
> Brian
> --
I think the idea of shelling out a couple of grad for a camera you are not quite
able to take pictures with but maybe so almost but maybe to put in a nice glass
case is beyond the scope of most of our imaginations Brian!.
So far i don't thing any ones uploaded any of their shots they've done with this camera.
I think Tom got some nice shots with his he mentioned.

The point is there is no uncertainty that this is a photo making machine.
And more that than a collectors item. It takes picture and quite sharp ones.
I'd love to use just it for a year and print a show of everything i shot.
A flood would be nice for subject matter.
But to buy the camera with the idea that there is half a chance I'd just be
looking at it in a glass case?!!
What an interesting thought from a financial sociological standpoint!

Care for a short list of picture taking tools I'd love to have if i had a spare
two grand?
A 21mm lens for my Leica M's is now at the top of my list.
Or a 180 for my Hasselblad.
a .58 body
an R8 camera
a 180 for that camera

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon
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