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Subject: Re: OT: Re: [Leica] Re: Swiss wine (was: Nathan's PAW 41 and 42)
From: Keith Bingman <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 21:50:52 +0200

I have to second this. We live along the border to Switzerland, just 
north of Zurich. I love what I get from the Lake Geneva area, but around 
here it  is only ok. I actually live at the foot of the local (rather 
large) vineyard, but I only drink the wine out of local patriotism 
rather than real love.

Keith Bingman
Singen (Hohentwiel), Germany

On Dienstag, Oktober 23, 2001, at 05:09  Uhr, Logan Reinwood wrote:

> HI there,
> If you talk about swiss wine and refer to Zurich, it is like talking 
> about French wine and refering to wine from Normandy!
> The best Swiss wine can be fouund in Valais (Wallis), Geneva, Vaud
> bur surely not in Zurich area.
> You should try some white wine: Amigne, Petite Arvine, Chardonay, 
> Malvoisie, Ermitage, Pinot gris, etc.
> or red: Cornalin, Humagne, some Pinot Noir, some Dole
> and forget about almost all wine from German speeking part of 
> Switzerland.
> regards,
> logan
> tml

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