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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Seeking SM body cap
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 13:20:14 EDT

Dans un courrier daté du 17/10/01 10:00:37 Paris, Madrid (heure d'été), a écrit :

>  Walter S Delesandri wrote:
>  > Help me out here.  I've done 35mm photography on and off for nearly 30 
> years now,
>  > and there's something I've NEVER understood.....What do you use a body 
> for?
>  > I have one, it came with my M4P, and I have it in the box.
>  > If you have at least one lens per body, then you don't need a body cap.  
> If you
>  > DON'T have one lens per body, then you have TOO MANY BODIES (sell me 
> a cheap
>  > user M4)
>  > I'm sorry if this sounds cynical, I HONESTLY have never found a use for a
>  > body cap.  I guess if you were "storing" bodies, but then why not just 
> them
>  > in a zip-lock bag with silica gel?...
>  > What DO ya'll use 'em for?
>  > Walt
>  --

Sometimes I have my M6 on me ( all the times actually ) and I know that 
that period I will have to enter a place where cameras are forbidden or I 
just don't
want to show that camera .
So I remove the lens from the camera and put each one in a different pocket ,
with the caps on . Easy ?

Jo Goodtimes , France 
- --
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