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Subject: RE: [Leica] 1.25x magnifier "in person"
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2001 02:43:03 +0100

John Collier wrote:

"It should be pointed out that this is for the six frameline finders. The
other finders have the framelines covering a slightly larger area. So on my
TTL 0.72 with the 1.25x magnifier mount I too can easily see the 35mm
framelines. However on my M2 with the 1.25x magnifier mounted I cannot quite
see all of the 35mm framelines at one glance. Leica shrunk the 35/50/90/135
framelines to squeeze in the 28mm framelines."

That's strange, because with the 1.25x on my M4-2 I can see the 35mm lines.
When did they shrink? It's accademic, of course, because with a 35mm lens on
a .72 body you'd take the 1.25x off (at least I do).

However I do think that anyone who's seriously interested in one of these
should try to test one for themselves.

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David Morton

"There are only two services that images can offer the afflicted. One is to
find the story that expresses the truth of their affliction. The second is
to find the words that can give resonance, through the crust of external
circumstances, to the cry that is always inaudible: "Why am I being hurt?"
- -- Simone Weil 
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