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Subject: Re: [Leica] photography in stores, malls, etc.
From: "Mxsmanic" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 20:12:39 +0200
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Ted Grant writes:

> This is another one of those dumb ass topics
> that could be easily avoided if you all went
> out and took pictures.... wherever!

I agree, and I _did_ go out and take pictures today (only a few, but I did it).
The only problem is that this particular topic then tends to come up directly
instead of only in discussion.

For example, every time I go out, I see a ton of pictures that _would_ look
great--but the circumstances are such that the subjects might object (heck,
nowadays subjects object to everything and sue for nothing, but some situations
are still more iffy than others).  So even if I'm not discussing it, the matter
is still getting in the way.

I saw several homeless people sleeping on the street, for example.  Pictures of
them might have been interesting.  But should I take such pictures?

> "What would you do if some photographer came onto
> your property or into your home and started taking
> pictures?"

Well, if he is not breaking and entering, or trying to see something that is not
otherwise visible from a public place, I don't really care.  Taking a picture of
my property isn't really threatening to me.  Then again, I don't watch the news
on TV ever at all, so I'm not afflicted by the paranoia about everything that
seems to infect people who watch too much nightly news or CNN.

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