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Subject: [Leica] Re: Fry's
From: Jim Brick <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:11:32 -0700
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At 11:13 AM 6/21/01 +0200, Mxsmanic wrote:
>Bryan Caldwell writes:
>> This may very well be why Fry's has signs posted
>> at the entrance that photography is not allowed.
>Even so, one must wonder about any store in which pointing a camera attracts 
>attention of salespeople, but simply waiting around for assistance does not.

I am in this store many times per week. Actually there are a half dozen
Fry's in the bay area and beyond. I personally know the Fry brothers, John,
Dave, and Randy. Their father had a grocery store chain here in the bay
area. The son's started one store that had groceries, sundries, and
computers. I was a big success as folks here in Silicon Valley had limited
time at lunch and could get food for lunch, food for dinner, aspirin,
toothpaste, coke, and a new SIO card or the latest rev of DOS in one stop.

Fry's is now huge. And sells everything from appliances, AV, office
supplies, electronics, computers, everything you can possibly imagine.

But Bryan is correct. The place is full of basically minimum wage folks, I
don't know if they are legal immigrants or not, but usually not very
knowledgeable. But there are a few that work hard at their job and can be
of enormous help in finding rare bargains. I usually seek out these folks
when I want something special.

Everything they sell is 30 day returnable so, as you can imagine, Fry's
becomes the 30 day rental store. The return line is sometimes an hour long.
Even with this, the place is a cash cow.

Jim (spending a fortune weekly at Fry's and returning only half of it) Brick

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