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Subject: Re: [Leica] 'what lenses to bring' travel faq
From: "Don Dory" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 08:50:48 -0400
References: <>

This topic will always get beat to death no matter what the good advice.
1) If you have never been someplace before you really don't know what to
expect.  Therefore most of us take the 40 pound bag of everything Leica.
See, now I'm on topic.

2) Even if I've been someplace before and therefore have some clue about
what images I plan to take I still throw in the odd lens just to keep me
fresh:  these would be extremes such as a 15mm or a 400mm.  Most of us still
don't think of that 100mm macro as a portrait lens or an image compression
lens.  Back to the 40 pound bag o Leica.

3) On those rare occasions when I have only brought one body and three
lenses 15, 35, and 90 fabulous images dance before my eyes that require that
macro R lens or something beyond 200mm.  This reinforces the 40 pound boat
anchor er aerobic device.

4) Very occasionally I have kept my focus, known what I want to bring home,
gone out with a specific lens to take specific images, and take exactly the
kind of image I wanted and been happy with the result.  Then I see what
someone else did in very similar situations, cursed myself for not seeing
those images and gone back to the orthopedic surgeons delight.

5) Much, much later I find myself getting mature enough, or is that broken
down enough, that I am satisfied with a light load on my shoulder and the
compromises that entails.  Specifically, that would be an extreme wide
angle, the fastest lens I can afford or borrow in the 35-75 range, a
moderate telephoto with an SL2 thrown in with a 60 Elmarit and the 180 3.4.
That would be two bodies and five lenses.  Oops, forgot the flash, er, now I
need that Gitzo reporter, if I have a tripod then where is that cable
release, quick release plates for bodies and lenses and oh yeah an off
camera cord so the flash is subtle. Where is that number for the

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