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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: attached file - OT
From: "Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 13:26:28 +0200
References: <> <>

> You risk finding yourself sitting in a cell instead, as you've committed a
> felony under U.S. Federal law (and probably as well under UK, Austrian, and
> French laws, three other jurisdictions under which your ISP supposedly
> operates).  I don't know if it is illegal under Polish law, but if you
> habitually engage in these activities, it might be wise to avoid visiting the
> other countries mentioned here.

Is having a signature with "begin  romeo_juliet.exe.vbs" unlawful ?
Please, do not write anything on subject you don't know nothing about.

Look at this string:
     Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-2"
in my letter. It means there is NO attachment, according to RFC1521,
accessible at:
It is worldwide Internet standard, describing structure and effects
of fields in mail header. EVERY mail client HAVE TO work along those
rules. If it sees "Content-Type: text/plain;", it shouldn't expect
any attachment, if it does - it's your own problem, as you have 
'not homologated' internet client.

Please notice, that I can probably sue YOU for saying that I am
acting unlawful, as I didn't anything wrong, according to worldwide
law regulations and worldwide standards...

Can we get back to Leicas and Jupiter 8 issue, please?

Definitely EOT. Sorry for all this thing; truth is that it was my
old signature, with which I was signing letters inviting to my
sister's birthday (with lots of good alcoholic beverages and
yummy food :) and forgot to switch it off...

Best of light for you :)
- -----                                
                     (Stanislaw B.A. Stawowy)

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